B.P. Logue is the premier provider of Generac Generator solutions in Middlesex County, including Chelmsford, Andover, Georgetown, Tewksbury, and Dover. 

As a dedicated Generac dealer, we specialize in personalized services for residential and commercial clients throughout New England, ensuring a smooth journey from selection to installation and maintenance.

A generac standby generator protecting a household during a power outage

Generac: A Benchmark for Reliable Power in Massachusetts

Generac is renowned for its backup power solutions, embodying reliability and cutting-edge innovation. Their commitment to ‘peace of mind’ is reflected in:


Built to withstand harsh winters & Atlantic storms, Generac generators promise long-lasting reliability in Middlesex County’s diverse conditions.

State-of-the-Art Design

Continuous R&D keeps Generac at the forefront, making it a wise choice for residents of Chelmsford & across Middlesex County.

Fuel Efficiency

Generac generators are optimized for lower fuel consumption, saving families & businesses in Middlesex County money.

Quiet-Test™ Self-Test Mode

Generac’s noise-reduction technology means quieter operation, a plus in the tranquil neighborhoods of Bedford, Pepperell, & Lowell.


With sustainability in mind, Generac generators have a reduced environmental footprint, aligning with Massachusetts’s MassSave promotions.

Generac Generator Installation in Middlesex County

B.P. Logue’s Generac Generator Installation Services are tailored to the unique needs of Middlesex County, including Chelmsford, Andover, Tewksbury, Bedford & Lowell.

  • Site Evaluation and Planning: We conduct professional evaluations, considering Middlesex County’s local building codes and your specific power requirements.
  • Customized Generator Selection: Whether for a cozy Chelmsford home or a large commercial facility in Carlisle, we guide you through selecting the ideal Generac model.
  • Pre-Installation Preparations: We handle all necessary permits and site preparations, complying with local regulations across Middlesex County.
  • Expert Generac Installation: Our certified technicians manage the installation with expertise, ensuring seamless integration into your Middlesex County property.
  • Thorough Testing and Verification: We conduct extensive testing post-installation to guarantee your Generac generator’s optimal performance in the area.

Generac Generator Maintenance

Beyond installation, B.P. Logue offers comprehensive maintenance plans in Middlesex County, so your Generac generator remains in prime condition for reliable, efficient operation throughout the year.

Generac Generator

Service & Repair

In the event of issues, from battery failures to control panel malfunctions to fluid changes, B.P. Logue’s service team in Middlesex County is prepared to provide swift, effective solutions, minimizing downtime and maintaining functionality

Generator Financing & Leasing Options

At B.P. Lounge, we understand that investing in a generator—whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use—represents a significant commitment. That’s why we offer flexible financing and leasing options to make powering your property more accessible and affordable. With our tailored financial solutions, you can ensure your space remains powered in every situation without the upfront financial burden.

Your Generac Authority:

B.P. Logue

As a leading Generac standby generator dealer in Chelmsford and Middlesex County, B.P. Logue’s commitment to excellence is evident. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality service, expert installation, and thorough after-sales support, solidifying our status as the go-to choice for Generac solutions in the region.

With B.P. Logue and our Generac solutions, you gain a product for peace of mind and a commitment to reliability. 

Contact B.P. Logue for your Generac needs in Middlesex County and experience the #1 team for Generator solutions.